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Los Angeles Hangover Treatment

Recover From Hangovers in As Little as One Hour

Most anyone who drinks is familiar with the pain and discomfort of a hangover. Everyone experiences hangovers differently; some people have minor symptoms that they can ride out, while others feel so sick and nauseous that getting out of bed is a struggle. One of the main reasons we feel so terrible during hangovers even though the alcohol has left our system is dehydration and toxic buildup. Alcohol flushes out our fluids and leaves behind chemicals that wreak havoc on the body. People also differ in their ability to process alcohol in the body and often times it is genetically predetermined.

If you suffer from severe hangovers that last for hours, our team at InfuseLife has the treatment you’ve been looking for. Our hangover IV therapy can alleviate hangover symptoms within 30 to 60 minutes. The famous hospital “banana bag” is enhanced at InfuseLife and definitely does not cost as much as a visit to the emergency room.

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Our Solution to Hangovers

We have studied all the evidence-based facts behind hangovers to develop a treatment that can relieve symptoms as quickly as possible. No one wants to follow up a fun night with a long day of pain and suffering. Hangovers can be a real hindrance to your life if you have something that needs to get done that day.

Our proven hangover IV formula includes:

  • IV fluids that deliver nutrients directly to the bloodstream
  • Vitamin B12 to improve concentration and prevent memory loss
  • B-Complex vitamins, a series of 8 vitamins that help your body function
  • Anti-nausea medication
  • Anti-inflammatory medication to help with headaches and muscle aches

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We realize that most people aren’t expecting a hangover, nor can you always anticipate how bad it will be. This is why we make it a priority to have our patients come in as quickly as possible when you call. Our goal is to get you hydrated and awake so that you can make the most out of your day.

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The Benefits of IV Therapy

  • Improved Immune Health

  • Improved Cognitive Function

  • Improved Symptoms of Anxiety

  • Improved Symptoms of Depression

  • Boosted Energy Levels

  • Encourages Muscles & Tissue Health

  • Better Overall Health

  • Combats Fatigue